contemporary art archive

Opened to the public since 2007, the Contemporary Arts Archive originates from a collection in progress of books and digital materials, that document the last fifty years of creativeness and thought in the field of visual arts, with particular attention to ‘Art and Territory’ and urban regeneration.
The Contemporary Arts Archive is not only a place of research and of study for students, researchers and amateurs, but also a dynamic and versatile space, not a simple archive, but a container of  ‘services’ and cultural ‘products’, different from each other but, at the same time, tightly correlated.
In particular the Archive:

  • promotes academic/theoretical research in the field of visual arts and contemporary culture and its application to the social and territorial practices;
  • through the cataloguing of the materials, documents the activity of artists, photographers, architects, designers, videomakers that distinguish themself for their approach and their wish to involve mentally and physically the spectator;
  • archives, studies and improves documents from archives and from galleries or private collections funds; this activity started with the donation of the fund of the Galleria Primo Piano of Maria Colao in Rome by the artist Cesare Pietroiusti;
  • puts particular attention to the communication and the dialogue with the public through the new magazine Artsoup – born by the monthly Newsletter – that highlight initiatives and events that face the continuous transformations of the contemporaneity with innovative points of views and a critical awareness;
  • develops bibliographic and iconographic searches;
  • organizes meetings, books presentations, conferences and workshop.

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