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Do you live in a shared flat?
Would you try to win the prize that you want?
Do you want to know more about the residents and shopkeepers of the area where you live?
Then enter to Rooms’ Contest! You can show your creativity, compete for your area and chose the prize that you want to win.

Rooms’ Contest is a competition for housemates. They are asked to devise creative activities in their homes with the help of residents, shopkeepers and workers in the area.

The events will take place inside your apartments on 12 and 13 May 2012.
The winners will be awarded during the final event, which will be opened to the entire city and that will take place the week following the presentation of the apartments of the competitors.

The contest in 9 steps:

1. take a picture of yourself in your apartment with your roommates;
2. tell us about, through the form a small initiative that you would like to create in your flat, please attach to your project, images, videos or anything that seems useful in explaining your idea ( from the creation of a mural on one wall of your room to a dinner of the district in which everyone is invited to bring a different ingredient to combine with those of others, etc. ..);
3. decide the prize that you’d like to win, which costs up to $ 300;
4. send us the materials of 1-2-3 points through the form on this website, by email or by mail at the address Ex-voto – Viale Brianza Milan 30, 20127 no later than March 30, 2012 (that is receiving and not postmarked).
5. we will choose 20 members among the proposals received to attend Rooms’ Contest;
6. Once selected, you can create your own creative initiative in your flat;
7. use only goods and services supplied to you by neighbors, condominiums, residents and shopkeepers of the area;
8. involve as many people as possible coming from your area for the construction of your event;
9. win the prize of your choice.

Rooms’ Contest is a project conceived and produced by Ex-voto in collaboration with Connecting Cultures and Critical City Upload and thanks to the collaboration of so many other partners.
The project is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and is supported by Cariplo Foundation.

Ex-voto ( is a association of freelancers active in Milan that conceives and implements projects which focusing on practice and on the active socialization, networking and sharing of cultures. Ex-voto uses typical recreational mode of entertainment to convey cultural, social and socializing contents. The association is a mash-up of designers, project managers, PR and press office. Ex-Voto are: Elena Bari, Nicola Ciancio, Joan Crisafulli, Simona Da Pozzo, Clare Gallazzi.

Critical City Upload ( is a game of urban transformation. Through a web platform, Upload urges on its participants to go out and play creative missions on urban terrain. A year after its launch Upload has more than 7000 players in all of Italy and a total of 11,000 missions carried out in our cities.

Connecting Cultures ( a no-profit searching agency based in Milan, founded in 2001 by Anna Detheridge, critical and theorist of visual arts. We start with an inclusive definition of culture and a methodological approach based on action research. We work with artists, architects, performers and the audience with interdisciplinary and intercultural objectives aimed at promoting public awareness of resources and potential of local, providing opportunities for intercultural exchange, designing and building new urban ecologies, acting as catalysts for change and sustainable future.


viale brianza 30
20127 milano – italy

Connecting Cultures