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C & E
a project by Letizia Cariello
with the participation of Gregorio Gitti and Lea Vergine
Wednesday 10th November 2010 | h. 7.00 pm

Letizia Cariello presents the new project C & E in which two historical figures, Camille Claudel and Elizabeth I of England, are compared in a synchronic perspective. So distant and diverse, nevertheless these two figures are linked by similar psychological dynamics, fate, renunciation and a common future of hope and redemption. Letizia Cariello creates a “para-historic” dialogue to reflect on the psychological dynamics that can find a dialogue – due to certain similarities – in certain issues of artistic creation.
The project C. & E. is presented for the first time by Letizia Cariello at Connecting Cultures. The work, the idea that permeates it and the installation project have been a source of attraction for Flos, well known Italian manufacturer of decorative lighting characterized by an emphasis on art and design, which will provide two types of lamps (Globall Basic and Once) for this occasion with which Letizia Cariello will create a preview of the installation itself. The lamps represent the two souls of Camille and Elisabeth and, at the same time, enter into communication throught a script specially designed by the artist and ‘staged’ by the performance of two actresses, Caroline Tavenas as Camille Claudel and Daniella Engel as Elizabeth. What emerges is a ‘dialogue of light’ in which while Camille speaks, Elizabeth is illuminated and vice versa.
These souls-lamp-speakers tell of living conditions that use a programmatic self-imposed denial. This is the initial move, a price to pay for a life project: a sort of volunteer duty that the person feels must offer as sacrifice to her own historical time, hoping in an intervention. In this sense, the refusal from a gesture of closure becomes a productive beginning, a new course. Both attitudes reveal a common feeling of hope: a stubborn confidence and hope in the possibilities of the world to interpret the muted performance embodied by their waste, taking on the task of sharing the responsibility and then acting on their fate. No one can think of her own fate without sharing it with the universal, without trusting in a broader vision for the future“.

Fuori Luogo 2010 |Out Of Place 2010
“The other side of avantgarde”

Thirty years after “L’altra metà dell’avanguardia” (“The other side of avantgarde”) – the exhibition curated by Lea Vergine in 1980, which first highlighted the work of women artists in the twentieth century, a milestone in the rethinking of modern and contemporary art – FuoriLuogo|OutOfPlace presents a series of encounters with a generation of contemporary women artists in their thirties and early fourties with the aim of presenting the work of this younger generation and their reflections with regard to their research and the art system within which they work.
The underlying theme connecting the seven artists’ work  will be the relation between art and knowledge. This year’s FuoriLuogo intends to research the variety of interests and starting points, the processes and procedures that these artists have put into practice ,  the specific spheres of knowledge relevant for each artist  and the very particular observation points or perspectives that those special interests imply.
The seven artists’ projects – with different modalities, sensibilities and attitudes – confront the more complex aspects of knowledge: from psychology to anthropology, from history to neuroscience, from cognitive science to epistemology. Our aim is, on the one hand, to build an interdisciplinary discussion in which artists could meet speakers from different fields of study verging on the areas their own research has touched on; and on the other, to guide the audience along a complex and exciting pathway of contemporary artistic reasoning. The motive is not to rebuild a poetic vision ‘common’ to ‘the other half of the universe’, but to better comprehend the differing perspectives on the complex world of knowledge and its definitions which fascinate and dominate the work of this generation caught in a precarious equilibrium between artistic creation and the complex universe of intellectual discovery.
The fourth edition of FuoriLuogo|OutOfPlace – series of meetings organized by Connecting Cultures from April to November 2010 – deals with contemporary themes observed through an interdisciplinary approach with the collaboration of artists, thinkers, philosophers and critics.

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download press release_FuoriLuogo|OutOfPlace 2010

FuoriLuogo2010 – Letizia Cariello from Connecting Cultures on Vimeo.

10th NOVEMBER 2010
Letizia Cariello
C & E
h. 7.00 pm, free entrance
Contemporary Arts Archive of Connecting Cultures
via Giorgio Merula 62, 20142 Milan

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