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Eva Marisaldi meets Home Movies

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Eva Marisaldi meets “Home Movies” – National Family Movies Archive
with the participation of Gisella Gaspari e Paolo Simoni

The work of Eva Marisaldi deals with little gestures, insinuations, suspicions. Her speeches are light and complicated at the same time. The artist represents her world through different ways of expression, ranging from the construction of simple objects to articulated installations, using different languages like videomaking, drawing or embroidery. Questioning about themes like dialogue and communication, Eva Marisaldi investigates the possibilities of individual and collective reflection in the context of exhibition space, in a delicate and elegant relationship with it.
Through different ways of expression and without searching for any special effect or exuberance, Marisaldi creates rarefied and essential situations that, sometimes, acquire the abstract peculiarity of a game.
Eva Marisaldi meets Home Movies
Her collaboration with the National Family Movies Archive “Home Movies” (Bologna) originates from a need of dealing with a fragmented, complex and full of signs and traces material, like family movies. Starting from this private cinematic source, a real dialogue takes places through images using by the artist to join old movies with her recent and past works. Into these fragments of private history the artist finds the words to complete her work’s explanation

Fuori Luogo 2010 |Out Of Place 2010
“The other side of avantgarde”

Thirty years after “L’altra metà dell’avanguardia” (“The other side of avantgarde”) – the exhibition curated by Lea Vergine in 1980, which first highlighted the work of women artists in the twentieth century, a milestone in the rethinking of modern and contemporary art – FuoriLuogo|OutOfPlace presents a series of encounters with a generation of contemporary women artists in their thirties and early fourties with the aim of presenting the work of this younger generation and their reflections with regard to their research and the art system within which they work.
The underlying theme connecting the seven artists’ work  will be the relation between art and knowledge. This year’s FuoriLuogo intends to research the variety of interests and starting points, the processes and procedures that these artists have put into practice ,  the specific spheres of knowledge relevant for each artist  and the very particular observation points or perspectives that those special interests imply.
The seven artists’ projects – with different modalities, sensibilities and attitudes – confront the more complex aspects of knowledge: from psychology to anthropology, from history to neuroscience, from cognitive science to epistemology. Our aim is, on the one hand, to build an interdisciplinary discussion in which artists could meet speakers from different fields of study verging on the areas their own research has touched on; and on the other, to guide the audience along a complex and exciting pathway of contemporary artistic reasoning. The motive is not to rebuild a poetic vision ‘common’ to ‘the other half of the universe’, but to better comprehend the differing perspectives on the complex world of knowledge and its definitions which fascinate and dominate the work of this generation caught in a precarious equilibrium between artistic creation and the complex universe of intellectual discovery.
The fourth edition of FuoriLuogo|OutOfPlace – series of meetings organized by Connecting Cultures from April to November 2010 – deals with contemporary themes observed through an interdisciplinary approach with the collaboration of artists, thinkers, philosophers and critics.

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