Individual Utopias

Individual Utopias. Script for an audiodrama/performance

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Individual Utopias
script for an audiodrama/ performance

a project by Lala Raščić
coordinated by Connecting Cultures

What are individual utopias? How can the humanitarian intervention be legitimate in the resolution of the conflicts? How can these typologies of intervention gather existing problems, desires, needs? How much is an artistic project able to gather some complexity of these incomprehensions and how much of that thin and untranslatable elements it is able to tell?
These and other questions are faced in the artist book and in the performance of the Bosnian artist Lala Raščić.
Originate from the workshop on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – part of the project Art and Survival – realized in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) in October 2007 by Connecting Cultures together with Cesare Pietroiusti, the project of Lala aims to a personal reflection at the value of the humanitarian interventions, of the contradictory reactions been born by the exchanges among the realities that take care of the uneasiness and the people that try to resolve and understand it.
Text and performance are therefore the principal nucleus of the project of Lala Raščić that takes form in a real artist book.
This limited edition volume is published in English and Bosnian and it comprehend a screenplay or script for an audio-drama and a series of portraits of the all the “actors” of this satirical play, those people that have actively taken part to the project Art and Survival in Mostar.
Licensed under a Creative Common Licence, the script – for artist’s precise choise – can be used in any form by who desires it (for theatre, cinema, or performance).

ARTBOOK June 2008
translations: Lala Raščić, Senada Kreso
proofing: Timothy Weeks, Silvija Dervišefendić
design: Laboratorium
print: Bauer grupa
print run: 500

Produced by Connecting Cultures, Milan

The text and drawings in this book are licensed under the Creative Commons license, unless otherwise indicated.
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
Croatia License