Arte e Territorio, Miart 2007. Foto di Roberta Bianchi

Art and Territory. MiArt07

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five artists reflecting on territories, art, communities
Connecting Cultures and Fondazione Stelline
MiArt 07
30th March-2nd April 2007

This year as well Fondazione Stelline – with the support of the Milan Town Council, Department of Sports and Leisure – promotes an important international event: the conference Arte e Comunità/Community Art to be held on Friday, March 30th 2007 at 3pm at Sala Bolaffi – FieraMilanoCity. The event is curated by Micaela Martegani – founder and director of ‘More Art‘ – and will include the participation of international non profit institutions engaged in the support of young Italian and foreign talents, working in strict connection with their social and cultural context. The participants will be: Mary Jane Jacob, Independent Curator and director of the Department of Sculpture at the “Chicago School of the Art Institute”; Anna Detheridge, President of Connecting Cultures, non profit engaged in contemporary and public art projects; Marco Scotini, curator and critic, Director of the Department of Visual Arts of Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (NABA); Alfredo Jaar, artist; Marcello Maloberti, artist; Artway of Thinking, art collective founded by Federica Thiene and Stefania Mantovani; Giovanni Terzi, responsible for the Department of Sports and Leisure of the Milan Town Council.
Connecting Cultures together with Fondazione Stelline have selected five artists who work on the subject ‘Art and Territory’, in strict connection with the conference theme: Artway of Thinking, Riccardo Benassi, Paola Di Bello, Alberto Garutti, Laura Morelli. Connecting Cultures is a research and project agency engaged in the field of cultural planning, with a particular focus on the relations between art and territory; it was founded in 2001 by Anna Detheridge, art critic and theorist of the visual arts.

Art and Territory
The artist is an outsider by definition. He or she escapes any attempts of classification, categorisation or attribution of belonging to a certain community. Moreover, the artist’s profile change in time, along with the mutation of the reference context, the evolution of society and the growing complexity of today’s languages. It is therefore important to follow the artist’s choices and to understand the meaning of his or her interventions, accordingly to his or her very autonomy. In the last years many artists have felt the need of what could sound like a limitative choice: facing a determined geographical area or with a well defined client: a suburb, a metropolitan area, a specific ‘community practice’. The meaning which the territory acquires in the works of the artists selected by Connecting Cultures on behalf of Fondazione Stelline in the frame of Miart 2007 is doubtlessly different, and must be read and interpreted case by case. However, the centrality of the subject evokes a common feeling: the need to face a changing context by associating an art practise to the tangible specificity of the places where it was conceived, something to be recognised as a common element for all of us.
Anna Detheridge


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