Pandemic Nigh Live

Pandemic Night LIVE!

Last update 30/09/06
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Pandemic Night LIVE!
electronic arts+music night

30th SEPTEMBER 2006
Mediateca Santa Teresa, Milan

Pandemin Night LIVE!, an event that all lovers of sperimentation in electronic music shouldn’t really miss. The event will take place on Saturday 30th of  September at Mediateca di Santa Teresa, the new and prestigious multimedia pole of Braidense Library in Milan, which will temporarily change into a very special location for sounds, performance and nightlife of great impact and charm.
The line-up will open with a dj set by DeadZone, aka Marcello Del Monaco, among last season’s resident djs who used to perform at Milan’s club 65metriquadri.
It will continue with the live-media project by the Berlin-based artist-dj Riccardo Benassi (he performed in the frame of the last Copa Sonar edition, Berlin and at the Preview Art Fair of Berlin, 29/09/06): the audio and video dimensions melt into a unique and elegant project, by mixing the sound element – always  live – and a real and accurate visual research, by taking its audience into a poetic, imaginary world of industrial landscapes. A dream-like but realistic journey which touches and moves.
The collective ensemble Alterazioni Video (they live and work between Milan and NY) will then perform Light Wave, presented as a premiere at PS1, New York Moma. Through a complex installation of photovoltaic panels, light is changed into sound, a spectacular and moving performance, betweek technology and art.
The program will slowly shift to the totally musical dimention with the performance of the French artists Hypo e EDH, their first collaboration. Coming from important experiences (Hypo, presented in 2001 by Spymania with Kotva, has today become an icon of Active Suspenction, while Emmanuelle De Hericourt comes from collaborations with the Japanese label Intik) present their first lp “The correct use of Pets”, where “one can really find the pop alchemy of the two artists… A true collection of quasi-dance tracks and insisting pop songs”.
(produced by the prestigious Parisian label Telegraph and recently at Milan’s Magazzini Generali, opening James Holden & Luciano’set) will close the event.

> h. 21.00 live media | performance
> h. 23.00 electronic music | live set
artists: Minimono, Hypo and Edh, Alterazioni Video, Riccardo Benassi, DeadZone

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